Founded in 1970, R. J. Kenney Associates, Inc., is an internationally recognized building envelope consulting firm and materials testing laboratory. Our strong track record of support for new and existing construction projects at all levels of complexity has attracted repeat clients from coast to coast. With in-depth knowledge built over more than four decades of experience, we provide our clients with technical support services that ensure high-quality outcomes at competitive cost. Our comprehensive reviews, rigorous testing, thoughtful analysis, clear reporting, and dependable litigation testimony help our clients avoid costly complications, improve efficiency, meet project milestones, and uphold their own reputation for quality and reliability.
R. J. Kenney Associates was initially founded as a licensed materials testing laboratory and consulting firm focused on new construction. But our services quickly expanded to include investigations of defects in existing construction, with an emphasis on exterior building envelopes and construction products such as concrete, masonry, stucco, exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), windows, doors, curtain walls, and sealants.

Since then, we have conducted numerous national and international studies and authored several research papers that have shaped national building codes and industry practices. As active members of several industry organizations, our staff keeps up-to-date on the latest industry developments and supports initiatives for improved performance and durability of materials, systems, and products.

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