With four decades worth of experience in diagnosing building and materials failures, R. J. Kenney Associates, Inc., is in an ideal position to provide expert testimony in construction-related legal cases, whether they stem from design or production deficiencies, materials failures, construction delays, water damage, or accidents.
We work closely with contractors, owners, attorneys, and insurance companies, specializing in identifying the causes of building envelope performance problems. Our rigorous approach to fact-finding, along with strategic field tests and extensive materials testing in our laboratory, enable us to pinpoint problems accurately and precisely, and to present our findings in a credible manner. Given our proven expertise, we frequently lead forensic investigation efforts for nationally recognized litigation cases.

At R. J. Kenney Associates we are committed to providing incontrovertible evidence to help resolve construction claims fairly and expeditiously.
claims analysis and evaluation
project research and product reviews
design and code reviews
forensic investigations
forensic laboratory testing and analysis
claims graphics, modeling, and presentations
review of depositions
repair cost estimates
evaluation of repair options
assessment of responsibility
evidential opinions
mediation support
review of settlement proposals
expert testimony

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