Having completed thousands of national and international building evaluations, R. J. Kenney Associates, Inc., has earned its reputation as a leader in remediation services - providing smart, practical repair and rehabilitation solutions. Our comprehensive construction and materials investigations of problems with existing buildings are most often combined with a range of supporting services, from clear and concise analysis and recommendations to detailed design proposals, bid solicitations and review, and overall construction management.
An extensive testing laboratory enables us to provide cost-effective investigations of building construct failures. With many years of experience, our technical experts know just what to look and test for, and make use of state-of-the-art techniques for quick, accurate diagnoses. Our findings are then summarized in a series of reports at various levels of detail. Regardless of the service you choose, you can be sure we will provide you with reliable, economical repair recommendations, along with a wealth of information - all in easily digestible form.

In short, at R. J. Kenney Associates we are committed to helping to minimize repair costs, while maximizing client satisfaction through durable, long-term solutions that correct any problems once and for all.
R. J. Kenney Associates, Inc., has a history of providing efficient and effective solutions to building assessment, reconstruction, remediation, and maintenance challenges. Specific services include:

Preliminary Condition Assessment
After a preliminary site visit, we present a report based on a visual assessment of the exterior walls and abutting exterior systems.

General Condition Assessment
After further assessing the building envelope condition, a detailed report with maintenance suggestions is prepared.

Detailed Condition Assessment
Following a multi-day site visit and thorough envelope assessment, a comprehensive report is prepared identifying problem areas in cladding, fenestration, and/or roofing systems. This report includes a review of project documentation, interviews with all parties involved, component classification, sampling, field investigation of construction methodology and moisture intrusion issues, field testing, and an analysis of testing and investigation results.

Building Envelope Repair Design
We develop plans, details, and specifications for the remediation of exterior building envelope components installed on existing buildings and produce bid packages for the repair work, as needed.

Contract Administration
Depending on your needs, we administer the contract and serve as the architect/engineer of record in overseeing the implementation of building envelope repairs.

Construction Management
Again, depending on your needs, we manage the entire construction process, including the budget, schedule, and value engineering needs, acting as your representative throughout the construction process.

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